Freitag, September 07, 2007

good book reviews

Finding new books I like is not easy. The reviews you find on amazon are quite digital. And as you don't know what other books they liked or disliked you can't get it in relation to your own taste.

Looking up the review on amazon is more the second step anyway. First you need to know about a new book you like. Looking up the new releases of the publisher didn't help me either.

Than I read about gooreads. In this social network you add your own book list and rate your books. After this you find easily new books you like.

This soundedn good, but
  • the reviews are even worse than on amazon

  • a book may list several times (Paperback, Hardcover, reprint?) - The Eagle Has Landed (Paperback)
    by Jack Higgins has 9 entries

In this state it is of no help and I have to search/wait for the next solution.

Samstag, September 01, 2007

search my blog

Added a firefox shortcut to search my blog with google blog search. At a normal google search the site option limits the search to a web server. In case of the blog search it is called blogurl.

The complete location entry is:

Seeing the option num gave me the idea to try this with my normal google search shortcut. Adding num=100 to it worked!