Dienstag, Januar 20, 2009

again password storage for different devices

I'm stll not sure what tool to use. Played a little bit with KeePassX and PasswordSafeSWT on the Mac.

KeePassX works fine but the main development moved on to version 2. The new version has some nice features but unfortunately uses .NET. It should run with Mono under OS X and Linux. But I'm not sure if I want to install the compete framework only for a password manager. Also running on other devices, like Palm and Phones is only version 1.

Bye the way KeePass doesn't run on Palm. There exists a converter for V1 and V2 data Keyring. As mentioned before Keyring was not updated since 2005. Also it stores the data with triple-DES using a 112 bit key. This is not really insecure, but better not to be used any more.

PasswordSafeSWT could only access a view groups of my key storage. PasswordSafe and MyPasswordSafe don't have this problem. Generating the storage new didn't solve the problem. And now new version (0.6 from Jan 2007).

An other PasswordSave V3 compatible program is Password Gorilla. It also runs under Linux and Mac. Unfortunately the latest version is from 2006.

Found LockCrypt with is available as Java on Mac and J2ME. I will test this.

There is a Ruby Tool to access different password containers. There are descriptions of the different formats. Will also search for a Perl tool like this.