Samstag, Oktober 23, 2010

NSLU2 downgrade from Debian to OpenWrt

Flashed openwrt-nslu2-squashfs.bin onto the NSLU2 over a Debian installation. After a reboot only the green Ethernet LED was on. A ping to the old IP address, or didn't work. Switching of the NSLU2 with the power button failed.

But what I noticed was that a ping to produced no response but all other Destination Host Unreachable.

arp -an revealed for the correct MAC address all other IP showed <incomplete>.

Unfortunately I couldn't find an upgrade story from Debian to OpenWrt on the internet. But I thought to remember that Debian used a different flash layout.

So I followed this description to erase the SysConf area and installed the Linksys Firmware.

As to be expected only the third attempt to enter the RedBoot worked. The first time the message to press ^C appeared, but no reaction. The ^C came to late. If correctly timed RedBoot > will appear.

After this the boot was successful and the installation of OpenWrt succeeded  without a problem.