Mittwoch, Januar 23, 2008

cddb information [2]

In the original post I was thinking about changing my perl script to retrieve the cddb data only from freedb2. Unfortunately a lot of times more than one version is returned. Only in a view cases only the genre is different. And the other thing is that quite some time the slang spelling (by the author intended) of a title is corrected. Also the punctuation is often changed to be grammatically correct, but different to the one used on the album.

Surprisingly the old entires in the freedb are correct. But unfortunately the encoding is not defined. The posters system preferences define it. Quite often these are different to mine and umlaut or other language specific characters are not displayed correctly on my system.

What I also realized was that MusicBrainz returned mostly only one result. The spelling and punctuation matched the one of the cover. Reading through some of the FAQs I realized that lots of the limitations of the cddb format are solved. Therefore I will stop using the cddb gateway of MusicBrainz and move to there full featured REST interface.