Montag, April 20, 2009

network file system to use

Two thinks happened at the same time. I had again problems with my Samba/SMB setup and found and old article about OpenAFS.

AFS still sounds good but most of the advantages are not important on a home network. Also all the good features are now part of NFSv4. As it is still not widely used it probably is more difficult to find a already existing solution on the net. This is also true for all the other protocols found on wikipedia.

Therefore it still comes down to SMB or NFS for me. As the new file server I build will use ZFS and run on OpenSolaris NFS might be the way to go. At least I will give it a try and see if I have less problems or run into other disadvantages compared to my use of SMB.

Samstag, April 11, 2009

output caller as Morse code

In CQ DL 4-2009 was a entry about CW for Windows Mobile.This will play information about the caller as Morse code. As I don't have a Windows Mobile phone, I searched for a program like this for my phone. But I couldn't find one.

There is a new phone project for me. The above program started with WAV snippets and then a MIDI file. He was not satisfied with the result and generates now the whole WAV file to play.

Never the less I will start generating a MIDI file. This should be the easiest way to start. Finding the inforamtion about MIDI was not difficult:

I found also a page that generates Morse code via MIDI. The perl script that dose the work is available for download. This will be the starting point for my own program (perlscript repository).

The first attempted, to find information on how to run a program if the phone receives a call, was not successful.

Copying a MIDI file onto the Centro is described here.

During my search I found the following interesting page about learning Morse code with the Koch method.