Samstag, August 08, 2009

iMac and MyBook FW800 trouble

I have a WD MyBook connected to my iMac via FW800. If not in use both are disconnected from power via a multiple socket outlet with a switch. If I switch this on a start the Mac the drive is not mounted automatically. Mounting it by hand doesn't work either.

My only solution so far was to unplug the Mac from the power outlet and switch it one. After a view seconds I plugged in the Mac and booted it. With this procedure the MyBook was mounted most of the time.

Searching for a better solution I found this alternative. This is not really simpler as the solution I found, but it helps, if in the case my failed.

  • unplug the power cord of the MyBook

  • unplug the FW800 cable on one side

  • keep the Mac running

  • plug in the power of the MyBook

  • plug in the FW800 cable

No the MyBook will be mounted automatically.