Samstag, November 21, 2009

get text only from selected element

The jQuery method text() returns the text not only of the selected element, but also of all sub elements.

To get only the text of the selected element clone it first, than remove all children. After this call text().

Sonntag, November 08, 2009

changing Java version on Mac crashed eclipse

Checking the javac version from command line told me I was using 1.5. To change this I changed the Current and CurrentJDK. This worked fine for Java programs run from the shell.

The next restart of eclipse failed. Remembering that there should be a new version for Cocoa by now I downloaded the new 64bit eclipse version. Crashed with the same error messages.

Changed -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion in eclipse.ini to 1.6 -> crash

Added Info.plist in the line to require a specific Java version -> crash

Searching the internet for a solution I encountered the changing the link to select a Java version will bite you. This should be done with Java Preferences (Spotlight). Unfortunately the tool didn't start. Setting the links back to A changed this. With this tool you change the ordered of the preferred Java version.

With this changes eclipse started - and noticeably faster. The Activity Monitor now shows Intel (64bit). On the shell javac is now also 1.6.