Freitag, Oktober 30, 2009

ERDesigner NG

Downloaded and installed the open source ER tool ERDesigner NG written in Java. This will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

SQLite is not supported. To start drawing a design you need to define a database connection. It is possible to use a dummy one.

Adding attributes to a table not difficult as you need to press update before you add a new attribute or the last one added will be lost.

You can't declare a private key. You need to define an index for an attribute, this will now become a private key.

After this I stooped and deleted the tool.

SQLite database acces in NetBeans

Download the SQLite NetBeans plugin.

Add this to NetBeans: Tools - Plugins - Downloaded (Add Plugins).

Download the SQLite JDBC driver.

Add this to NetBeans: Tools - Java Platforms (J2SE - Sources).

Go in NetBeans to Services. Right click at Databases - Drivers - SQLite and select Connect Using .... Add the path to the SQLite database jdbc:sqlite:/home/...

Samstag, Oktober 03, 2009

debian lenny default X settings

The default X windows installation in debian looks broken to me. The default screen size used was 1600x1200. To much for my old TFT. Trying to resize the resolution from Gnome failed (ALT-CTRL-- and resolution tool). This is because in xorg.conf are no screen resolutions defined.

Adding the following lines to the screen section fixed the problem:
  DefaultDepth 24
  Subsection "Display"
  Depth 24
  Modes "1280x1024"