Dienstag, März 25, 2008

Power over Ethernet

Found a short description on diy PoE.

my conclusion:

  • mostly the unused pairs 4-5 (positive) and 7-8 (negative) provide the DC power

  • on multi-mode wiring the pairs 4-5 commonly carry the telephone signal

  • makes only sense if no power outlet is available (cable resistance on DC)

Mittwoch, März 19, 2008

running SAX example from Java & XML

After the download of the examples from the books home page I tried to run the SAX example from chapter 3. Unfortunately the example didn't compile.

SAXTreeViewer.java:196: cannot find symbol class SimpleEntityResolver

Checking the books errata I found it on the page with the unconfirmed error reports. Unfortunately the missing class is not part of the example download. Searching the web led me to the missing class SimpleEntityResolver.

Change the javaxml2 package name according to your the edition of the book. For me it is javaxml3. No it worked as it should have in the first place.

Mittwoch, März 05, 2008

one password storage for different devices

So far I use different programs to store my password on different devices. It is therefore difficult to synchronize the container.

This is a list of the programs I use:

  • On the Windows PC at work Password Safe. The project was started by Bruce Schneier. It is still actively developed.

  • On the linux PC at home MyPasswordSafe, last updated 04.02.2005. Uses as container the version 2 data format.

  • On the mobile jFreeSafe, a J2ME application last updated 30.08.2005. It is a pain to add a new account but easy to look one up.

  • On the Palm the build in functionality.

Over the time I collected some links to other programs, but haven't tested them.

By the way on the Password Safe homepage a Java SWT port exists.