Sonntag, August 24, 2014

new file server with Btrfs

It's time to update my file server. The last time I decided to use a modern file filesystem - ZFS. As there was no real Linux support I played with it on FreeBSD. But the best support at the time was in Sun's Solaris of corse. As I didn't know both system very well I choose OpenSolaris. Unfortunately this was one of the looser of the Sun acquisition.

The next time, I decided, every thing should be better. Lets see.

My knowledge of BSD isn't better as five years ago. Therefore my first decision is to stick with what I know - Linux. As the ZFS support is not really better I will use the Linux version of the modern filesystem - Btrfs. It is still marked as unstable, but some Linux distribution, including Oracle, changed the status from experimental to production. And in my case, where I use basic features only, there shouldn't be any problem.

As a Linux distribution I choose CentOS over Debian.  The long term support is better (longer) and I administrated RHEL machines at work for around 3 years. And as a desktop system I use Fedora for quite some time and impressed me with the SELinux integration. Therefore I don't expect any surprises.

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